Autosampler Vial

Elevate Your Analytical Workflow with Clinivex Autosampler Vials

Clinivex autosampler vials have been meticulously engineered to enhance and streamline the process of transferring your sample matrices into your GC or HPLC instrument via the autosampler. We offer a versatile and comprehensive range of HPLC and GC vials, precisely designed and optimized to integrate with autosamplers operating on HPLC and GC platforms seamlessly.

Unparalleled Versatility

Clinivex's product line includes various vials, encompassing snap, screw, and crimp styles, with sample sizes ranging from 15 uL to 20 mL. These vials are crafted from materials that minimize bleed and ensure high quality, allowing you to select the perfect match for your analytical needs.

Crimp-Style Precision for GC Applications:

Our crimp-style vials are the preferred choice in applications like GC and GC/MS, where sample matrices often contain volatile or semi-volatile analytes. They are engineered to maintain the integrity of your analysis by preventing sample leakage.

Screw or Snap Convenience for LC Applications:

For LC and LC/MS applications, typically involving less volatile sample matrices, we offer screw vials and snap vials. Compatible screw vial caps complement these vials and snap vial caps, minimizing sample loss and simplifying specimen handling.

Customization for Optimal Results:

Clinivex vials are available in various capacities, enabling you to tailor your selection to meet specific collection, storage, or analysis requirements. You can also choose from translucent manufacturing options and varying sterility levels, ensuring precise and reliable test results. Additionally, our autoclavable vials support temperature testing, enhancing their adaptability to diverse laboratory environments.

Effortless Identification and Error Mitigation

Each vial is equipped with write-on labels, facilitating instant specimen identification and reducing the risk of testing errors, thereby enhancing overall laboratory efficiency.

Clinivex takes great pride in its status as a prominent autosampler vials supplier in the USA and Canada. We offer high-quality autosampler vial products at competitive rates, making cutting-edge analytical tools accessible to all professionals in the field.

Discover the Clinivex difference today by exploring our extensive product range. Elevate your sample analysis to new heights with Clinivex autosampler vials.

Unleash the potential of your laboratory with Clinivex, where your success is our priority.

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