Laboratory Centrifuges: Precision in Motion

Laboratory centrifuges are indispensable in scientific research, diagnostics, and clinical laboratories. They employ centrifugal force to separate particles from liquids, enabling efficient sample preparation and analysis.

At Clinivex, we understand the critical role that centrifuges play in laboratory settings, and we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality laboratory centrifuges to meet your diverse needs.

Our laboratory centrifuges are designed for precision, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you require microcentrifuges for small sample volumes or high-capacity centrifuges for larger-scale applications, Clinivex has you covered. With variable speed control, digital displays, and various rotor options, our centrifuges provide the versatility and performance required for various laboratory protocols.

Discover the Clinivex Centrifuge Advantage :

Selecting the right laboratory centrifuge is a pivotal decision, and Clinivex offers a compelling choice for discerning professionals. Here's why Clinivex centrifuges stand out as the smart choice for your laboratory:

1. Application Versatility: Clinivex centrifuges cater to a diverse array of laboratory applications, spanning clinical diagnostics, microbiology, sample preparation, and beyond. Whatever your specific needs, there's a Clinivex centrifuge meticulously designed to meet them.

2. Comprehensive Model Selection: Our centrifuge lineup is extensive, featuring clinical, microcentrifuge, mini, and hematocrit models, providing you with various options to match your laboratory requirements precisely.

3. Customization Possibilities: Clinivex centrifuges are accompanied by a wealth of optional rotors and adaptors, allowing you to fine-tune your centrifuge setup to align perfectly with your unique research and analysis demands.

4. User-Friendly and Robust: The laboratory environment demands simplicity and durability. Clinivex centrifuges are engineered for straightforward operation and resilience, ensuring your laboratory work remains efficient and reliable.

5. Warranty Assurance: To underscore our confidence in the quality and reliability of our centrifuges, Clinivex provides a generous two-year warranty. This warranty reflects our commitment to delivering instruments that endure and consistently deliver dependable performance.

6. Trusted Globally: Clinivex centrifuges are esteemed and trusted by laboratory professionals worldwide. When you opt for Clinivex, you join a community of professionals who rely on a reputable brand with a strong presence in the industry.

7. Expert Support at Your Service: We offer exceptional customer support and technical assistance. Our mission is to help you harness the full potential of your Clinivex centrifuge, optimizing your laboratory processes.

8. Precision and Efficiency: Precision and efficiency are at the core of Clinivex centrifuges. We acknowledge their pivotal role in laboratory tasks and ensure our centrifuges consistently deliver accurate and efficient results, enhancing your workflow.

Clinivex centrifuges epitomize versatility, durability, simplicity, and unwavering quality. Our centrifuges are meticulously designed to meet modern laboratories' diverse and demanding needs and consistently provide reliable performance.

Join the league of laboratory professionals who entrust Clinivex with their centrifuge requirements.

Experience the Clinivex difference today.

Explore Clinivex today and elevate your laboratory to a realm of excellence. Unleash the potential of your laboratory with Clinivex, where your success is our priority.

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  1. Gusto® High Speed Mini-Centrifuge 100-240V, 50-60Hz Universal Plug, Blue

  2. Sprout® 12 Volt Power Adapter

  3. Sprout® Portable Centrifuge Transport Case with Inserts - only

  4. Sprout® Portable Centrifugation Kit, 100-240V, 50-60Hz Universal Plug + 12V Power Adapter

  5. Centrifuge, Mini, 8-Place,240v/50Hz, Red Lid 7000rpm Fixed Speed, EU Plug

  6. Centrifuge, Mini,8-Place,240v/50Hz,Green Lid 7000rpm Fixed Speed, EU Plug

  7. Centrifuge, Mini, 8-Place,240v/50Hz,Blue Lid 7000rpm Fixed Speed, EU Plug

  8. Centrifuge, Mini, 8-Place,240v/50Hz, Red Lid 7000rpm Fixed Speed, UK Plug

  9. Centrifuge, Mini,8-Place,240v/50Hz,Green Lid 7000rpm Fixed Speed, UK Plug

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