Natural Products

Natural Products

Clinivex is a professional high-purity natural products supplier in Canada & USA.

This class of natural products is characterized by mostly greater 98% high purity. Our natural products are extracted from plants. The certificate of analysis delivered contains chromatographic measurements of the purity with HPLC-DAD and spectroscopic measurements like NMR, MS inclusive of the spectra and data interpretation....

Clinivex catalog showcases a wide range of products, with more than 50,000 products in inventory. We provide an extended portfolio of Reference Standards Natural Products

Natural products sometimes have pharmacological or biological activity that can be of therapeutic benefit in treating diseases. As such, natural products are the active components of most traditional medicines and many modern medicines.

Furthermore, because the structural diversity of natural products exceeds that readily achievable by chemical synthesis, and synthetic analogs can be prepared with improved potency and safety, natural products are often used as starting points for drug discovery. Natural products are the inspiration for approximately one-half of U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs.

  • Clinivex is specialized in providing high-quality biochemicals in custom pack sizes to satisfy any quantity required.
  • We distribute products to companies worldwide, usually providing overnight delivery in North America via FedEx Express. We also offer alternative carrier options to meet worldwide delivery and special import requirements and dangerous goods.
  • We have a dedicated professional customer service team positioned to ensure customer satisfaction and technical support.
  • Being a reference standards supplier in Canada, we expertise in research chemical synthesis, combined with a dedicated & knowledgeable customer service team. This makes Clinivex a renowned supplier of chemical reference standards in Canada - a one-stop solution for all your research needs.


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  1. 12-alpha-Hydroxyrotenone

    New 12-alpha-Hydroxyrotenone
  2. Aloenin B

    New Aloenin B
  3. Fabacein

    New Fabacein
  4. 15,26-Dihydroxylanosta-7,9(11),24-trien-3-one

    New 15,26-Dihydroxylanosta-7,9(11),24-trien-3-one
  5. Tectorigenin-7-O-beta-glucosyl-4'-O-beta-glucoside

    New Tectorigenin-7-O-beta-glucosyl-4'-O-beta-glucoside
  6. 11-Oxomogroside II A1

    New 11-Oxomogroside II A1
  7. 11-Oxomogroside IVa

    New 11-Oxomogroside IVa
  8. Cimiracemate A

    New Cimiracemate A
  9. 1,2-Dihydrotanshinquinone

    New 1,2-Dihydrotanshinquinone
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