Combi Tips

Combi Tips

PD-Tip™ II Precision Dispenser Tips

The positive displacement principle enables precision work, even with viscous media or media with high vapor pressure. With tightly sealed pistons, the PD-Tips effectively protect the stepper from aerosols. This prevents contamination and ensures long service life of the instrument.

Available in ten sizes (from 0.1 to 50 ml), both non sterile and BIO-CERT® sterile.

BIO-CERT™ sterile.

Compatible with different repetitive pipets.

Cleanroom quality.

Available in BIO-CERT® quality (free of DNA, RNase, endotoxins and ATP)

Comply with the requirements of ISO 8655.

Delivered with batch certificate.

Manufactured from high-quality raw materials (cylinder: PP / Piston: PE-HD, 0.1 ml: LCP)

25 mL and 50 mL sizes include one adapter

PD-Tips // cannot be autoclaved; the adapters of the 25ml and 50ml sizes can be autoclaved at 121° C.

The PD-Tips // dispenser tips for efficient, step-by-step dispensing enhance the proven features of the classic BRAND PD-Tips.

These dispenser tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard tips, such as BRAND® HandyStep®, Rainin® AutoRep™, Gilson® Repetman® and Eppendorf® 4780.

Compatible with most repeater pipettes including the

BRAND HandyStep® touch,

HandyStep® touch S,

HandyStep® S and HandyStep® electronic,

Rainin® AutoRep™ E, AutoRep™ S and AutoRep™ M,

Gilson® Repetman®, and all other repeating pipettes using standard tips.

Eppendorf Multipette™ 4780

Gilson Distriman™ and Gilson Repetman™

Ritter Ripette™ pro

EDOS™ 5221

Rainin AutoRep™ E, Rainin AutoRep™ S, Rainin AutoRep™ M

STARLAB RepeatOne™

Tip size is automatically recognized by BRAND® HandyStep® touch, HandyStep® touch S, HandyStep® electronic, Rainin® AutoRep™ E and Gilson® Repetman®.

Recent model Eppendorf® Repeater™ instruments feature a proprietary design to preclude their use with tips from other manufacturers.

Certifications: BIO-CERT® PD-Tip™ II tips are supplied with batch certificate to document accuracy and precision testing and help simplify ISO/GLP compliance.
Accessories information: 25 ml and 50 ml PD-Tip™ II dispenser tips require the use of an adapter. One is supplied per box; additional adapters are available non sterile, or BIO-CERT® sterile.
Packaging: Non sterile PD-Tip™ II tips are packaged bulk in recyclable packaging. BIO-CERT® tips are individually-wrapped, also in recyclable packaging.

Legal Information

  • BIO-CERT is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG
  • BRAND is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG
  • HandyStep is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG
  • All instruments and names of manufacturers mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective companies and are used for reference purposes only. Clinivex expressly disclaims any affiliation to them
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