Blood Collection

Blood Collection

Clinivex is the most reliable Blood Collection Tubes Supplier in Canada & USA. We supply a range of quality blood-taking tubes which all laboratories require. With more than 50,000 products in our inventory, we are the most trusted for this medical supply.

Containing all the necessary equipment required, clinical diagnostic systems collect, transport, and test collected biological specimens.

Blood specimen collection and handling supplies are designed to help obtain capillary, arterial, and venous blood samples for clinical monitoring and diagnostic testing, and drug testing

Capillary blood collection

Capillary blood specimens are collected via fingerstick or heel stick. Heelsticks are typically performed on infants. Fingersticks may be used when only a small amount of sample is needed or when phlebotomy is contraindicated or difficult to perform.

Products used for capillary blood collection include manual and automatic lancets, plain or anticoagulant-coated microtubes, micro-collection tubes, alcohol wipes, gauze, and other miscellaneous supplies.

Venous blood collections

Venous blood samples may be collected using a needle attached to a syringe to which manual suction is applied. Blood samples may also be collected directly into evacuated (vacuum) tubes, which contain a variety of anticoagulants and other additives required for various tests. The vacuum facilitates blood collection and automatically draws the samples into the tubes.

Products for venous blood collections include needles, syringes, evacuated blood tubes, blood tube holders, butterfly or winged collection sets, and other supplies like tourniquets, alcohol swabs, gauze pads, and bandages.

Arterial blood collections

Arterial blood samples are for blood gas determinations. These specimens are typically obtained via a catheter or using a needle and a pre-heparinized syringe. Specific arterial sampling kits are also available.

Clinivex offers high-quality blood-taking tubes consistently, as crucial tests are conducted with the help of these tubes. We provide these tubes worldwide. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service after the product purchase. You can rely on us for your blood collection tubes requirements

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  1. 3.5 mL, BD Vacutainer™ Plastic Blood Collection Tubes PST Plasma Separation Tubes Hemogard

  2. Needle Holder with Safety Shield, Universal Fit

  3. Needle Holder, Multi-Sample for Single Use, Universal Fit

  4. Bulb, for Capillary Tubes

  5. End Caps, for Capillary Tubes

  6. Capillary Tube Holding Tray with Sigillum Wax Sealant, 24-Place

  7. Capillary Tube, Microhematocrit, 100% PLASTIC, Red Tip, Sodium Heparinized

  8. Capillary Tube, Microhematocrit, 100% PLASTIC, Green Tip, Ammonium Heparinized

  9. Capillary Tube, Microhematocrit, 100% PLASTIC, Blue Tip, Plain

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