Quality and Accreditation


Quality and Accreditation


Quality - Committed to excellence

Quality has been and always will be a core value at Clinivex.

Clinivex strives to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Clinivex has invested significant resources to ensure quality throughout our value chain. Management and employees are committed to complying with customer and regulatory requirements to improve everything we do continuously. Each step consists of reviews designed to meet or exceed the many regulatory and compliance standards enforced worldwide by health authorities that regularly inspect our products.

Over the years, we have exported our products all over the world. An important goal at Clinivex is that environmental sustainability is implemented by investing in energy efficiency, waste reduction, and eco-sustainable strategies through various initiatives. We apply our quality management system to all relevant activities. Senior Management reviews our Quality Management System regularly to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Quality and

Clinivex's operating culture is based on trust, safety, and quality. We innovate and apply science to ensure the safety and integrity of products and services in line with our vision. We are therefore committed to continuous improvement in quality and efficiency through procedures based upon quality assurance. This commitment is demonstrated through our certification, accreditation, and registration to many international management system standards and quality regulations. Our comprehensive quality system supports and enhances business excellence and ensures we provide our customers with the level of service and the quality of products they expect.

Clinivex quality is based on internationally recognized standards. Clinivex complies with the industry's international and national standards and regulations. Our customers can rely on the quality of service provided.

Environmental Management Systems

At Clinivex, we are committed to operating our business in a manner that represents the highest standards for ethical behavior, safety, and protection of our natural environment. Through implementing our Environmental Management Systems, as appropriate for each of our operations, we are committed to safety and continuous improvement in our treatment of the environment around us.

Clinivex conducts its activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that govern us. We are dedicated to a safe and healthy work environment that our employees may be proud of. We will achieve this objective by educating and training our employees and through rigorous monitoring of our activities.

The foundation of our Environmental Management System around the world is that we seek to:

Ensure the safety of employees, contractors, consultants, and visitors to our operations and facilitate their conformance to our standards of behavior.

Continuously monitor our EHS performance and deliver continuous improvement for our employees, visitors, stakeholders, and communities.

Strive to conserve natural resources and avoid any environmental impacts.