Disposal container

Clinivex offers a comprehensive range of disposal containers designed specifically for laboratory use. These containers are essential for maintaining a clean and safe laboratory environment, ensuring the proper disposal of waste materials, and adhering to disposal regulations.

Clinivex disposal containers are equipped with secure lids or caps to prevent spillage and protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous waste.

Many Clinivex laboratory disposal containers are color-coded, facilitating easy waste segregation and identification, which is crucial for proper disposal practices

clinivex prioritizes the use of durable, leak-resistant materials to ensure the longevity and dependability of their containers.

For laboratories focused on sustainability, Clinivex offers containers made from eco-friendly materials that align with environmental and sustainability goals.

Clinivex Transport Tubes are made from high-quality, durable materials that are resistant to breakage or cracking. This ensures that your samples are protected at all times.

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  1. Multi-purpose container, 500 ml, 150 x 70 mm, graduated, PP, with safety label

  2. Medicine cup, 30 ml, 40 x 37 mm, graduated, PP, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

  3. 100ml Disposable cup with cap

  4. Medicine cup 30ml, Polypropylene

  5. Snap-on lid, without spout, PE, red, for 125ml Cup

  6. Disposable cup 500ml, Polypropylene, Sterile & Non Sterile, With White & Yellow Cap

  7. Tube 70ml, Polypropylene, Assembled Yellow Cap, With & Without Label

  8. Container 250ml, With Cap White & Yellow, Sterile & Non Sterile

  9. Container 120ml, Polypropylene ,With Yellow & White Cap, With Graduation, Assemble Cap, Sterile

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