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Clinivex is a fast-growing an ISO 9001:2015 certified worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality innovative research chemicals, pharmaceutical reference standards, life science products, primary care products, laboratory consumables and equipment to the scientific community across Canada and USA since 2018.

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    MEGA TUBE RACKS FOR 5-7 mL TUBES, Double-Size Rack

    SKU: 121H120113
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    MEGA TUBE RACKS FOR 5-7 mL TUBES, Single-Size Rack

    SKU: 121HS24322A
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    SKU: 121H120835
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    MEGA TUBE RACKS FOR 10 mL TUBES, Double-Size Rack

    SKU: 121H120115
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    MEGA TUBE RACKS FOR 10 mL TUBES, Single-Size Rack

    SKU: 121HS24323A
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    SKU: 121H120958
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    SKU: 121H120956
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    4-Methylaminoantipyrine (MAA)

    SKU: RCLS9W25183
  9. NEW

    Metanil yellow-D9 sodium salt Acid yellow 36-D9 sodium salt

    SKU: RCLS9W25182
  10. NEW

    Colistin B sulfate Polymyxin E2 sulfate

    SKU: RCLS9W25181
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  1. Best Seller

    L-Valine N-Carboxyanhydride

    SKU: RCLST092490
  2. Best Seller

    (E)-Olopatadine Hydrochloride

    SKU: RCLST500575
  3. Best Seller

    Centrifuge Tube, 15mL, Attached Red Screw Cap, PP, Printed Graduations, Sterile

    SKU: 222.6269
  4. Best Seller

    Axygen® 96-well Polypropylene PCR Microplate Compatible with ABI, Low Profile, Half Skirt, Clear, Nonsterile

    SKU: PCR-96-LP-AB-C
  5. Best Seller

    Beaker with Handle, Diamond Essentials, Low Form, Printed Graduations, PMP, 100mL to 5000 ML

    SKU: 222.3656100
  6. Best Seller

    Inoculation Loop, Flexible, 1uL Blue and 10uL yellow Calibration Certificate, STERILE, PS, Individually Wrapped

    SKU: 2871-01
  7. Best Seller

    PCR Tube, 0.2mL, Thin Wall, PP, Attached Flat Top Cap, Yellow

    SKU: 110571Y
  8. Best Seller

    True North® Corrugated Polypropylene Freezer Box, 100-Place, Vial, Natural

    SKU: 120428
  9. Best Seller

    Heat Resistant Gloves, 475 mm, Pair, Natural

    SKU: 120483
  10. Best Seller

    Microscope Slides, Diamond White Glass, 25 x 75mm, Charged, 45° Beveled Edges, Safety Corners, WHITE Frosted

    SKU: 1354W

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Earning and retaining our customer’s trust is everything. So, we go above and beyond to provide impeccable service paired with our full suite of test and measurement solutions to contribute to their long-term success. Our Sales Team is skilled and experienced and offers the best advice and customer care. We believe in working together with our customers, striving to provide excellent service and develop mutually beneficial relationships. This cause makes us the best pharmaceutical reference standards supplier in the USA and Canada.