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Clinivex is a high-quality laboratory equipment supplier in Canada & USA. Browse our wide range of medical & clinical lab supplies, whether you need glassware, plasticware, liquid handling equipment & general laboratory products to help you conduct your scientific experiments. Clinivex offers everything you need to streamline your workflow and simplify everyday life in many scientific disciplines.

From a primary school teaching demonstration to a Quality Control Laboratory in a Pharmaceutical company, Clinivex has made its place in the industry as one of Canada's top laboratory equipment suppliers.

Whether you need glassware, plasticware, or both, Clinivex is a well-known lab equipment supplier that offers various suitable varieties to help you conduct your experiments.

We aim to provide our customers with the best quality Clinical Lab Supplies and Equipment for Healthcare, Laboratory Products, and Services in Canada.

Why Choose Us

We are specialized in providing high-quality biochemicals in custom pack sizes to satisfy any quantity required.

We have a dedicated professional customer service team positioned to ensure customer satisfaction and technical support.

We distribute products to companies worldwide, usually providing overnight delivery in North America via FedEx Express. We also offer alternative carrier options to meet worldwide delivery and special import requirements and dangerous goods.

Being a reference standards supplier in Canada, we expertise in research chemical synthesis, combined with a dedicated & knowledgeable customer service team. This makes Clinivex a renowned supplier of chemical reference standards in Canada - a one-stop solution for all your research needs.

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  1. Push cap, violet, suitable for tubes 15.7 mm

  2. Push cap, blue, suitable for tubes 15.7 mm

  3. Push cap, green, suitable for tubes 15.7 mm

  4. Push cap, black, suitable for tubes 16-17 mm

  5. Extra Pegs for Drying Rack, Small Diameter

  6. Drying Rack, 72 Place, Removable Pegs, High Impact Polystyrene

  7. Graduated Cylinder, PP, Printed Graduations 10 mL to 2000 mL

  8. Graduated Cylinder, PMP (TPX), Printed Graduations, 10mL to 2000 mL

  9. Graduated Cylinder, PMP (TPX), Molded Graduations, 10mL to 2000mL

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