Food and Beverage Standards

With decades of expertise in the field, Clinivex stands as a leading provider of reference materials tailored to meet the rigorous demands of quality control testing in the food and beverage sector. Our commitment to precision, reliability, and innovation has propelled us to continually expand our portfolio, offering a comprehensive range of reference materials essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of food products.

Clinivex provides reference materials for a broad spectrum of pesticides, empowering laboratories to detect and quantify residues with confidence.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our reference materials designed for accurate analysis of PFAS contaminants in food and environmental samples.

Our cutting-edge multi-residue reference material mixtures are meticulously designed to facilitate optimal analyte elution and ensure maximum stability. By minimizing the need for complex method development or dilution steps, these materials enhance the efficiency of your laboratory operations.

Clinivex collaborates with leading global producers, including NML, NIST, JRC, Romer Labs, and InBio, to offer an unparalleled range of matrix materials. This strategic partnership ensures that our reference materials adhere to the highest standards, providing laboratories with the confidence they need in their analyses.

Discover precision in every analysis with Clinivex, your trusted partner for reference materials in food and beverage quality control. From pesticides to mycotoxins, we offer a comprehensive portfolio designed for accuracy and compliance. Our state-of-the-art multi-residue mixtures streamline your workflow, backed by global partnerships for unmatched excellence. Explore the future of quality control with Clinivex.

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  1. Lead Paint Films for Building Surfaces (SRM 2570 through SRM 2575)

  2. Common Commercial Asbestos: Chrysotile

  3. Diesel Particulate Matter (Industrial Forklift)

  4. Fine Atmospheric Particulate Matter (Mean Particle Diameter < 10 µm)

  5. Fine Atmospheric Particulate Matter (Mean Particle Diameter < 4 µm)

  6. Trace Elements in Indoor Dust (Nominal Mass Fraction of 1 % Lead)

  7. Trace Elements in Indoor Dust (Nominal Mass Fraction of 90 mg/kg Lead)

  8. Respirable Cristobalite (Quantitative X-Ray Powder Diffraction Standard)

  9. Urban Particulate Matter

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