At Clinivex, we understand the critical role cytology plays in diagnostics, pathology, and cancer screening. Our comprehensive range of cytology products is designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, empowering healthcare professionals and laboratories to deliver precise results..

Clinivex offers a diverse array of cytology products, including slides, stains, fixatives, and other essential tools. Each product is crafted with a commitment to quality, ensuring optimal performance in cytological applications.

Our cytology slides are manufactured with precision to provide a clear and consistent surface for cellular specimens. Whether used for fine needle aspiration (FNA) or other cytological examinations, Clinivex slides deliver reliable results.

Achieve vivid and differentiated cellular staining with our range of high-quality stains. Our cytology fixatives are formulated to preserve cellular structures, allowing for accurate morphological assessments.

Clinivex prioritizes user-friendly products to streamline laboratory workflows. Our cytology solutions are designed with clear instructions, ensuring ease of use for laboratory professionals at all levels of expertise.

Recognizing the unique needs of different laboratories, Clinivex offers customization options for cytology products. Tailor solutions to match specific testing requirements, enhancing the flexibility of your laboratory operations.

Clinivex's dedication to advancing cytology is driven by a passion for contributing to accurate diagnostics and patient care. Explore our range of cytology products to experience the precision, reliability, and innovation that define Clinivex as a trusted partner in cytological applications.

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  1. Graduated Cylinder, PP, Printed Graduations 10 mL to 2000 mL

  2. Graduated Cylinder, PMP (TPX), Printed Graduations, 10mL to 2000 mL

  3. Cylinder, Measuring, Class B, PMP, Molded Graduations, tall form 10 mL to 2000 mL

  4. 2000mL Graduated Cylinder, Glass, Class B

  5. 1000mL Graduated Cylinder, Glass, Class B

  6. 500mL Graduated Cylinder, Glass, Class B

  7. 250mL Graduated Cylinder, Glass, Class B

  8. 25mL Graduated Cylinder, Glass, Class B

  9. 10mL Graduated Cylinder, Glass, Class B

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