Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus

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Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus
  • Compact, CRT-Based Electron Properties Lab Study Electrostatic & Magnetic Deflection and Measure e/m

  • Precision Multi-Turn Potentiometer Controls and Digital Meters for Quantitative Studies.

  • This electron properties lab is based on a 75mm flat screen CRT, and is contained in a compact metal case with a removable lid

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  • All the accessories needed to explore electrostatic deflection, focusing, and electron behavior in transverse and axial magnetic fields are included.

  • The power supply and measurement circuitry is entirely enclosed for safety and reliability.

  • Multi-turn potentiometers and three 3-1/2 –digit LED meter displays help students easily obtain precise results.

  • A full operator’s manual with experiment descriptions is included, and explains both background and procedures, including the determination of e/m using the focusing effect of an electron beam spiraling around an axial magnetic field.

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Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus