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Synonyms :α-Methylbenzenemethanamine; (±)-α-Methylbenzenemethanamine; (±)-α-Methylbenzylamine; (1-Aminoethyl)benzene; (R,S)-α Methylbenzylamine; (RS)-1-Phenylethylamine; (RS)-α-Methylbenzylamine; (±)-1-Amino-1-phenylethane; (±)-1-Phenethylamine; (±)-1-Phenylethyla

DL-α-Methylbenzylamine is used as a starting material to prepare pure (R)-Pipecolic acid (P479751) and (S)-Proline (P755995). DL-α-Methylbenzylamine is also a potential phenylethanolamine N-methyl transferase inhibitor.

More Information
CAS number 618-36-0
Molecular Formula C8H11N
Catalog Number RCLST010982
Chemical Name DL-α-Methylbenzylamine
Synonyms α-Methylbenzenemethanamine; (±)-α-Methylbenzenemethanamine; (±)-α-Methylbenzylamine; (1-Aminoethyl)benzene; (R,S)-α Methylbenzylamine; (RS)-1-Phenylethylamine; (RS)-α-Methylbenzylamine; (±)-1-Amino-1-phenylethane; (±)-1-Phenethylamine; (±)-1-Phenylethyla
Boiling Pt 185 °C / 756 mm Hg
Molecular Weight 121.18
Melting Pt N/A
Shipping Info *eh* Dangerous goods
Storage Condition Refrigerator
Stability No Data Available
Appearance Clear Colourless Oil
Solubility Chloroform, Methanol
HS Commidity Code 2933.39.9100