Conical base tubes

Clinivex offers a comprehensive selection of conical base tubes designed to meet the exacting demands of laboratory professionals. These tubes are a fundamental tool in various laboratory applications, from sample storage to centrifugation.

Our conical base tubes are meticulously crafted to provide consistent and reliable sample storage and processing. The precision design ensures accurate results in your experiments.

Clinivex offers conical base tubes in various sizes, accommodating different sample volumes. This versatility is essential for a wide range of laboratory applications.

We prioritize high-quality materials in crafting our tubes, ensuring durability and chemical resistance. This not only extends the life of the tubes but also safeguards your samples from contamination.

The conical bottom design of these tubes allows for efficient sample recovery, making them ideal for applications like centrifugation.

Many Clinivex conical base tubes are equipped with secure closures, such as screw caps, to prevent sample leakage and maintain sample integrity.

Transparent walls of the tubes enable easy visual inspection of your samples without the need for time-consuming openings, reducing the risk of contamination.

Clinivex Conical Base Tubes are the cornerstone of sample storage and processing in laboratories. Our commitment to quality, precision, and versatility ensures that you can trust these tubes for the most critical steps in your research. Experience the Clinivex difference today and elevate your laboratory capabilities with confidence.

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  1. Tube, 10 ml, 100 x 16 mm, Polypropylene, with print, conical base, transparent

  2. PCR strip of 8, 200 µl, PCR Performance Tested, white, PP

  3. Reaction tube, 1.5 ml, PP, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Violet

  4. Reaction tube, 2 ml, PP, Brown,Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Violet

  5. Screw cap micro tube, 0.5 ml, Without cap

  6. Screw cap tube, 15 ml, 120 x 17 mm, Polystyrene, with print, conical base

  7. Screw cap tube, 50 ml, 114 x 28 mm, PP, with print

  8. Screw cap tube, 15 ml, 120 x 17 mm, PS, with print,sterile

  9. Protein LoBind® Tubes, Protein LoBind®, 15 mL and 50 mL, conical tube, PCR clean, colorless

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