Storage Boxes

Laboratories require meticulous organization to ensure the safety and integrity of samples, specimens, and materials. Clinivex Storage Boxes have been designed to meet the most demanding storage and organization needs in laboratory settings.

Clinivex offers a range of storage box sizes to accommodate various laboratory items, from microcentrifuge tubes to larger sample containers. This ensures you can find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Our storage boxes are built to last. They are crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of a laboratory environment, including exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

The boxes come with secure closures, such as snap-on lids or hinged covers, ensuring that your samples are safely sealed and protected from contamination or spills

To enhance organization, many of our storage boxes are available in different colors, which can be used for efficient sample categorization and easy retrieval.

Clinivex storage boxes are often stackable, saving valuable space in your lab. This feature allows for efficient use of shelf and freezer space.

Many of our storage boxes have clear lids or transparent designs, allowing you to see the contents without opening the box. This feature is especially helpful when quickly locating specific samples.

Clinivex Storage Boxes are essential for maintaining a well-organized laboratory and preserving the integrity of your samples. Their quality, durability, and versatile sizing options make them a reliable choice for all your lab storage needs. Whether you're working in a research lab, a clinical setting, or a pharmaceutical facility, Clinivex has the right storage box to keep your laboratory running smoothly.

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  1. Cardboard Cryogenic Microtube Storage Box, 0.2 mL 169-place and 0.5mL 100-place Tube, White

  2. Freezing Box, 2'' and 3" tall x 12 mm, Cardboard, 100-Place (10x10 format), fitsCryoCLEAR vials, White

  3. Freezing Box, 2" white and Red and3" tall x 13mm white, Cardboard, 81-Place (9x9 format), CryoCLEAR vials,

  4. Freezing Box, 2" and 3" Tall x 15mm, Cardboard, 64-Place (8x8 format), CryoCLEAR vials, White

  5. Styrofoam packaging

  6. Dispenser box For Pipette Tips

  7. Storage Box for 100 Micro tubes length of 36-45mm

  8. Storage Box high for 81 Tubes

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