PosiStop Filter Pipette tip, 1000ul, Low-retention, Sterile, graduated, Bulk

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PosiStop Filter Pipette tip, 1000ul, Low-retention, Sterile, graduated, Bulk
  • Cost-effective Bulk Tips are ideal for high-volume laboratories. Provided in bulk packaging, these tips offer convenience and economy your day-to-day lab operations.

  • PosiStop LTS-compatible Pipette Tips help improve laboratory accuracies by ensuring a positive seal between pipettor and pipette tip.

  • Optimized for LTS-style pipettors, they feature a unique 'positive stop' cylindrical collar with a fail-safe mechanism.

  • This innovative design ensures a reliable seal, enhancing both accuracy and precision in assays, and contributes to consistent and reproducible results, while also offering improved ergonomic comfort.

  • Every PosiStop Pipette Tip undergoes meticulous testing post-cleanroom production, ensuring they are free from RNase, DNase, Pyrogens, Endotoxins, and PCR Inhibitors.

  • This guarantees that valuable reagents remain uncontaminated, optimal and pure.

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MATERIAL Polypropylene
  • Designed for optimal performance with LTS pipettors, including PosiStop and Rainin LTS models.

  • Made from medical grade virgin polypropylene, free of any metal contaminants.

  • Rigorously tested and certified to be free from DNase, RNase, Pyrogens, PCR Inhibitors, and Endotoxins, ensuring the highest level of purity for critical experiments.

  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art 100k cleanroom facility utilizing advanced automated processes.

  • Featuring color-coded inserts for quick and effortless identification and matching with PosiStop pipettors.

  • All tips have graduation marks, providing a visual reference to reduce the chance of errors during sample aspiration.

  • Equipped with specially designed polyethylene (PE) filters that effectively prevent aerosols, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Available in a variety of styles to meet specific requirements: Filter, Non-Filter, Standard, and Low Retention options.

  • Offered in multiple packaging formats: Rack, Bulk, Reload, and eco-friendly GreenRacks.

    PosiStop GreenRack Tip Boxes offer an eco-friendly solution, significantly reducing environmental impact with their lightweight, compact, and 100% biodegradable material, cutting plastic use by approximately 60%. These boxes ensure easy, guilt-free disposal, and are compatible with both single-channel and multi-channel pipettes, streamlining lab work while supporting environmental sustainability.

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1000 uL

Low-retention, Sterile, graduated, Bulk



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