Transferpettor™ Positive Displacement Pipette

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Transferpettor™ Positive Displacement Pipette
  • The Transferpettor™ is the ideal tool for use with liquids that render traditional air displacement pipettes ineffective.

  • Unlike air displacement pipettes, the piston of the Transferpettor™ directly expels the media from the tip, wiping the tip walls completely clean.

  • This results in negligible residual wetting and highly accurate, reproducible results, especially with viscous, foaming, high-vapor-pressure, and other "problematic" liquids.

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  • Designed for use with high-vapor-pressure liquids including alcohols, acetone and hydrocarbons

  • Dispenses surfactants such as Tween® and Mucasol®

  • Dispenses viscous and high density media such as concentrated protein solutions, oils, fats, resins, and glycerin

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