Cell Culture Flask, Tissue Culture Treated, 25cm2, Plug Cap, Sterile

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Cell Culture Flask, Tissue Culture Treated, 25cm2, Plug Cap, Sterile
  • cell culture flasks offer large growing surface and volume options for large volume and long-term laboratory cell culture operations.

  • TC treated flasks have negatively charged, hydrophilic surfaces for excellent cell adherence and are available in both vented and plug seal cap styles.

  • Red vented caps include a 0.22μm hydrophobic filter membrane to allow gas exchange while maintaining sterility inside the flask.

  • Red non-vented plug seal caps can be fully closed for a gas and liquid tight seal or opened ¼ turn for open gas exchange.

  • Non-treated flasks suitable for suspension cultures include white vented caps to readily distinguish them from the red capped TC treated options.

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MATERIAL Polystyrene
  • TC treated cap styles Red vented and red plug seal

  • Non-treated cap style White vented

  • Canted necks allow ready access for pipets and scrapers

  • Packaged in self-standing, re-closable bags

  • Molded graduations and frosted marking space

  • Lot number and expiration are printed on each flask

  • Polystyrene (PS) flask with high density polyethylene (HDPE) caps

  • Virgin USP Class VI resins

  • Produced in class 100,000 cleanroom

  • Irradiation sterilized to SAL 10-6

  • RNase and DNase free

  • Non-pyrogenic







Plug Cap, Sterile


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