Cynor Lab Services (CLS)


Cynor Services, a division of Clinivex Enterprises Inc.

We have a group of specialists who perform the calibration, adjustment, repair and commissioning of your instruments and machines.

The work is done on site or at our premises by certified technicians with many years of experience. 

Each of our calibration equipment has a verifiable NIST and NRC certificate.


Calibration, Repair and Commissioning Service – Instrumentation

Scientific laboratory instruments require proper maintenance, care and calibration at specific intervals to achieve the highest possible measurement reliability and accuracy.

Please refer to the individual operating manuals for the recommended recalibration interval.In most cases calibration accuracy checks are conducted every two years.Poorly maintained instruments may lead to inaccurate measurements and incorrect results.

All calibrations are performed in our high-tech test and measurement lab by our Service Team.Cynor Service Center helps you achieve an optimal, long-lasting alignment of your machines.

We offer pre calibration, recalibration, on-site services, validation and maintenance and repair.We provide you with the documentation you need to meet your most stringent quality requirements for the control of inspection, measuring, and test equipment.We will calibrate your new or existing instrument traceable to NIST standards.

Validation Services


Here at CYNOR, we strive to provide you with exceptional validation services to help you meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements and performance needs.

We provide turn-key solutions for validation and qualification in accordance with current GMPs, GLPs, GCPs, 21 CFR Part 11, PAT, ISO and specific customer requirements and applications.


We can assist you through the entire equipment selection and testing process.

We help match the appropriate equipment to your requirements (DQ), as well as arrange inside delivery and setup (commissioning) of the equipment.

  • Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (-86ºC)

  • Cryogenic Freezers (-150°C)

  • Biomedical Freezers (-30°C)

  • Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

  • Incubators.

  • Environmental Test Chambers


  • Calibration

  • Temperature Mapping

  • IQ/OQ/PQ* Installation Qualification-Verifies and documents equipment installation to be compliant with manufacturer’s requirements and specifications; Operation Qualification-Verifies and documents the full functional operation of the installed equipment; Performance Qualification


  • Verification of machine assembly

  • Inspection for damage and defects

  • Verification of options and accessories

  • Operational verification of machine

  • Control verification

  • Temperature performance testing

*Cynor Services executes temperature mapping during unit Performance Qualification (PQ) separate from IQ and OQ as services often involve customer specific or customized requirements that may differ from industry standards.


  • Verification using NIST certified calibrated equipment

  • “As Found” and “As Left” data capture for traceability

  • Calibration reports

  • Equipment certifications

  • System calibration certification

For any Calibration, Repair and Commissioning Service requests, please email [email protected] or fill out an inquiry form.

Pipette Calibration Service and Repairs

Cynor Lab Services (CLS) can calibrate and repair single channel pipettes, multi-channel pipettes, repeaters, electronics, pipet-aids, and more!

Below are a few of the manufacturers we service:

·         Gilson pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Eppendorf pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repai

·         Rainin pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Sartorius pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Thermo Fisher Scientific pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Brandtech pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Vistalab / MLA pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Drummond Pipet-Aid pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Biohit pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         VWR pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         Matrix pipette calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair

·         And Many More!