DNA Manipulatives Kit

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DNA Manipulatives Kit
  • Developed by teachers, this kit aids students in understanding the principles of recombinant DNA technology. 

  • It consists of teacher demonstration models and student manipulative sets, sufficient for a classroom of thirty students. 

  • Using the manipulatives, students learn the process of recombinant DNA technology. 

  • Plasmid DNA is cut with restriction enzymes and recombinant plasmids are formed. 

  • Lasminated teacher and student gel electrophoresis boards are also included. 

  • Our kit allows students to learn DNA technology without the need for expensive laboratory equipment.

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  • Kit contains no consumable parts. 

  • It can therefore be used over and over again, and/or can be shared by the entire science department. 

  • Includes 78 peices of specially designed plastic manipulatives. 

  • Also included are a manual and instructional videotape in which an experienced teacher demonstrates use of the manipulatives included in the kit.

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DNA Manipulatives Kit