Protein Synthesis Manipulatives Kit

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Protein Synthesis Manipulatives Kit
  • The kit was developed by the same teacher who brought you recombinant DNA technology manipulatives.

  • Now available are manipulatives for teaching protein synthesis.

  • Whether you have taught this content a thousand times or this is your first, you will find that all students can learn this material!

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  • 33 Teacher Manipulatives: These colorful, large DNA, mRNA, ribosome, tRNA and amino acid models attach to your blackboard and can be seen from the back of the classroom. You simulate the process for your students at your own pace, allowing students to ask questions as you proceed.

  • 180 Student Manipulatives: Students work at their tables using smaller size models to work through the process and internalize key concepts. Includes 5 sets of student materials, sufficient for a class of 30 students.

  • Assessment: Each student is given a unique DNA sequence and is asked to identify the resulting amino acid sequence. Verification of the sequence is a snap using the included teacher key.

  • No Consumables: The kit can be used over and over again, and can be shared by the entire science department.

  • Instructional CD: A CD demonstrating how to use the kit is included. Students see protein synthesis in action, model it and are then assessed on the lessons. It is a complete package that makes complex biological processes fun for students and easy to teach!

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Protein Synthesis Manipulatives Kit