Lorentz Force Demonstrator

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Lorentz Force Demonstrator
  • Compact, All-in-One Apparatus for Investigating Electron Beam Behavior

  •  Show Magnetic and Electrostatic Deflection, Measure e/m

  •  Light-Shielding Enclosure Allows Use in Lighted Room

More Information
  • The Lorentz Force Demonstrator is a “fine beam tube” device in which a sharply focused electron beam is projected into a vacuum containing a trace of inert gas.

  • Ionization of the gas around the electron beam creates a glowing discharge marking the path of the electrons and helping to maintain the sharp focus of the beam.

  • The demonstrator shows deflection of the beam by transverse electric fields and by magnetic fields of various orientations.

  • The value of e/m can be found by bending the electron beam into a circular path with a homogeneous magnetic field and measuring the accelerating voltage of the electron gun, the strength of the magnetic field and the radius of the circular beam path.

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Lorentz Force Demonstrator