Zeeman Effect Apparatus

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Zeeman Effect Apparatus

· Complete Equipment Set for Studying Light Emission in a Magnetic Field
· Includes Video Capture Equipment and Computer Analysis Program
· Magnet Allows Transverse and Longitudinal Viewing

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  • The Zeeman Effect Apparatus examines the effect of a strong magnetic field on the green emission line of mercury at 545.1nm wavelength.

  • A magnetic field splits the degenerate 7s and 6p levels into three and five levels respectively, giving nine allowed transitions.

  • The energy shifts of the splitting are tiny compared to the transition energy, so a high resolution spectrometer is necessary to observe them at the magnetic field strengths achievable in the laboratory.

  • This resolution is usually achieved by using a high quality Fabry-Pérot étalon.

  • The combination of these requirements has often discouraged the provision of Zeeman effect apparatus in the student laboratory.

  • This apparatus addresses this issue.

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Zeeman Effect Apparatus