Human Skeleton Model with Fold-Out Guide

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Human Skeleton Model with Fold-Out Guide
  • Skeleton model is molded from PVC plastic and hand-painted to show structures of the axial skeleton.

  • Skeleton measures 32” x 8” x 5” and mounts on a metal rod with a plastic stand.

  • Axial skeleton parts, comprised of the skull, ossicles, hyoid bone, rib cage, sternum and vertebral column, are painted blue.

More Information
  • Includes a fold-out laminated color guide indicating 143 labeled structures including anterior/posterior views of the skeleton and detail of spine, pelvis, vertebra, joint, rib cage, hand and foot.

  • One side of the guide includes structure names. The other side includes only numbers so it can be used for student assessment.

  • Foldout guide rests in a slot molded into the plastic base.

  • Also includes a 12-page reproducible study guide.

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Human Skeleton Model with Fold-Out Guide