Life-Sized Human Skeleton Model

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Life-Sized Human Skeleton Model
  • This life-sized model features unbreakable plastic bones which were carefully cast to preserve the finest details.

  • The mandible is hinged; the arms, legs and skull are removable; and the calvarium is sectioned to allow for study of the cranial vault.

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  • There is natural movement in the joints wherever possible.

  • The jaw features a full set of teeth, three of which are removable for closer examination.

  • The spinal column shows the spinal cord, nerve exits, vertebral arteries, and a herniated disk.

  • The skeleton is mounted in an upright position on a heavy duty base with smooth gliding casters.

  • A dust cover and detailed key are included. Height: 170cm (5 ft., 7 in.).

  • Shipping weight: 33.5 Lbs., Dimensions: 40" x 19" x 11". 

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Human Skeleton Model, Life-Sized