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(1R,5S)-8-Isopropyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-one is an intermediate for the synthesis of (S)-(1R,3r,5S)-8-Isopropyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-yl 3-Hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoate (I824270), which is a compound that can be synthesized from Atropine (A794630), a nerve agent that occurs naturally in plants of the nightshade family.

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SKU RCL-TR-I890865
Molecular Formula C10H17NO
Catalog Number RCL-TR-I890865
Chemical Name (1R,5S)-8-Isopropyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-one
Boiling Pt No Data Available
Molecular Weight 167.25
Melting Pt No Data Available
Storage Condition Room Temperature
Stability No Data Available
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Solubility Ethyl Acetate; Dichloromethane; Chloroform;