Closures & Septas

Clinivex offers a comprehensive range of Closures and Septa designed to ensure the secure sealing of laboratory vials, enabling precise and contamination-free sample storage and analysis.

Clinivex provides closures and septa made from various materials, including high-quality silicone, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), and other specialized materials designed for specific applications.

Our closures and septa are compatible with a wide range of vials, ensuring you can find the right fit for your laboratory's needs

The tight seal provided by our closures and septa minimizes the risk of sample contamination, evaporation, and leakage, preserving the integrity of your samples.

Clinivex closures and septa exhibit excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, making them suitable for sealing vials containing various substances and solvents.

They can withstand temperature variations, ensuring suitability for both cryogenic and high-temperature applications.

Some closures and septa come in different colours, facilitating easy sample identification and organization.

Clinivex Closures and Septa are critical in maintaining the quality and reliability of your laboratory samples and reagents. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect solution for your specific applications. Trust Clinivex for top-quality laboratory equipment and accessories that meet stringent scientific research and analysis demands.

Product Description Type
ECLJG561011 11mm Polyethylene Snap Cap for Shimadzu, 10mil PTFE Cap
ECLJG531008B 8-425mm, with different colours, Polypropylene Large Open Hole Cap with Flange Cap
 ECLJG531008 8-425mm Black, Polypropylene Large Open Hole Cap with Flange Cap
 ECLJG5100ST30 30mm solid Top Silver,White seal,No septa Cap
ECLJG510030 Unassembled seals, 30mm Aluminum seal, No septa, with different colours Cap
ECLJG5145TP520 20mm silver tin plate 5mm,8mm hole, 0.100'' PTFE/silicone Cap
ECLJG5144TP520 20mm silver tin plate seal,5mm,8mm hole,0.131'' PTFE Butyl rubber Cap
ECLJG5150BM1820R 20mm Red,Blue BiMetal seal,0.118'' PTFE silicone Cap
ECLJG5150BM0020R 20mm Red BiMetal Seal, 0.100" PTFE/Silicone Lined Cap
ECLJG5100ST20 20mm Solid top silver,Black Aluminium seal Cap
ECLJG514220 20mm silver seal, Gray PTFE/Butyl rubber, Molded Cap
ECLJG514020 20mm silver seal,0.131'' PTFE/Gray Butyl Rubber Cap
ECLJG510020BKS 20mm Black/silver striped seal,No septa Cap
ECLJG510020G 20mm Green,Orange, Yellow,Red, Pink,Beige,Burned orange,Brown,Lilac,Turquoise,Black,Olive Green,Wine gold, Seal, No Septa. Cap
ECLJG510020BS 20mm Green/Silver, Red/silver,Blue/Purple, Seal, No Septa. Cap
ECLJG510020 20mm silver, white, Blue seal, No septa Cap
ECLJG519013 13mm Silver seal, Black Viton Cap
ECLJG51507513 13mm silver seal,PTFE/silicone 0.075'' Thick and 0.060'' Thick Cap
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  1. 11mm Polyethylene Snap Cap for Shimadzu, 10mil PTFE

  2. Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black Polypropylene Large Open-Hole, 8-425 mm

  3. Black, Polypropylene Large Open-Hole for Shimadzu, 8-425 mm

  4. 30mm Solid Top Silver, White Seal, No Septa

  5. Unassembled Seals, 30mm Aluminum Seal, No Septa, with different colours

  6. 20mm Silver Tin Plate Seal, 5mm, 8mm Hole, 0.100" PTFE/Silicone

  7. 20mm Silver Tin Plate Seal, 5mm, 8mm Hole, 0.131" PTFE/Butyl Rubber

  8. 20mm Red, Blue BiMetal Seal, 0.118" PTFE/Silicone

  9. 20mm Red, Blue BiMetal Seal, 0.100" PTFE/Silicone

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