Megnetic Stirrers

Clinivex Magnetic Stirrers: Reliable Laboratory Mixing Solutions

Clinivex magnetic stirrers are purpose-built for various laboratory applications, providing dependable and precise mixing capabilities. Whether you require slow speeds to foster cell culture growth or high-capacity stirring for large-volume tasks, our magnetic stirrers have you covered.

Discover the Power of Clinivex Magnetic Stirrers:

Clinivex magnetic stirrers provide a trusted solution for laboratory mixing needs, ensuring the precision and consistency required for various scientific applications.

Why Choose Clinivex Magnetic Stirrers?

1. Dependable Mixing: Clinivex magnetic stirrers feature powerful motors and magnets that generate exceptional magnetic force, ensuring dependable and uniform mixing for various sample viscosities.

2. Microprocessor Precision: Many models have advanced microprocessor controls, allowing for precise speed regulation throughout the range. This level of control ensures accurate mixing, even for samples with different sizes and viscosities.

3. Diverse Selection: Clinivex offers diverse magnetic stirrers to meet your specific laboratory needs. Whether you require a compact unit for limited bench space or a low-profile design with a large top plate for high-volume applications, we have the right solution.

4. Rugged Durability: Our magnetic stirrers are built to withstand the demands of laboratory environments, providing long-lasting performance and reliability. You can trust Clinivex stirrers to deliver consistent results over time.

5. Versatile Applications: Clinivex magnetic stirrers are suitable for routine mixing tasks in laboratories of all types, making them a valuable addition to your equipment inventory. They are versatile and can handle a wide range of applications.

6. Ease of Maintenance: Clinivex stirrers are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, minimizing downtime and ensuring your lab's productivity.

7. Competitive Pricing: We understand the budget constraints laboratories often face. That's why we offer our magnetic stirrers competitively without compromising quality or performance.

In summary, when choosing Clinivex magnetic stirrers, you're selecting instruments prioritizing reliability, precision, durability, and versatility. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures you can confidently rely on Clinivex for all your laboratory mixing needs.

Explore our range of magnetic stirrers today and experience the Clinivex difference.

Explore our selection of laboratory magnetic stirrers today and experience the precision, efficiency, and quality that Clinivex brings to your laboratory work.

Clinivex: Where Precision Meets Excellence.

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  1. Sprout® Plus Mini-Centrifuge 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Universal Plug, Blue

  2. Mini Stirrer 100-240V, 50-60Hz Universal Plug, Grey/Blue

  3. Magnetic Induction Stirrer, Grey/Blue

  4. Magnetic Induction Stirrer, Grey/Purple

  5. MagFuge® High-Speed Centrifuge and a Magnetic Stirrer In-One Unit, Grey/Blue

  6. MagFuge® High-Speed Centrifuge and a Magnetic Stirrer In-One Unit, Grey/Purple

  7. Stir Bar Retriever, PTFE, 300 mm, White

  8. Magnetic Stir Bar, PTFE, 35x9 mm, White

  9. Magnetic Stir Bar, PTFE, 30x8 mm, White

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