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4,6-Bis(4-nitrophenoxy)pyrimidine is an intermediate in the synthesis of N-[4-[(4-Ethyl-1-piperazinyl)methyl]-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-N'-[4-[[6-(methylamino)-4-pyrimidinyl]oxy]phenyl]urea (E926495), which is an inhibitor of RET, FLT3, KDR, c-Abl and c-Kit. Also, it prevent the growth of human thyroid cancer cells.

More Information
CAS number 1069112-51-1
Molecular Formula C16H10N4O6
Catalog Number RCLST019601
Chemical Name 4,6-Bis(4-nitrophenoxy)pyrimidine
Boiling Pt No Data Available
Molecular Weight 354.27
Melting Pt No Data Available
Storage Condition No Data Available
Stability No Data Available
Appearance Reddish Brown Solid
Solubility Dichloromethane;