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N-Isopropyl-N-methyl-benzylamine-d7 is an intermediate in the synthesis of Saflufenacil-d7 (S081802). Saflufenacil-d7 is the labeled version of Saflufenacil (S081800), which is a herbicide of the pyrimidinedione chemical class used for the preplant burndown and selective preemergence dicot weed control in different field crops. It was found to inhibit protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase (PPO) enzyme.

More Information
Molecular Formula C11H10D7N
Catalog Number RCLST407278
Chemical Name N-Isopropyl-N-methyl-benzylamine-d7
Boiling Pt No Data Available
Molecular Weight 170.3
Melting Pt No Data Available
Storage Condition -20°C Freezer, Under inert atmosphere
Stability No Data Available
Appearance Greenish Yellow Liquid
Solubility Chloroform; Methanol